"This tour was a very detailed overview of a complex culture. Possibly the best tour I have ever gone on, anywhere."

Your imagination and curiosity have no limits or boundaries, why should your tour?   

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could design a tour that catered to your interest and schedule: a tour where you could stop or linger at places you wanted to photograph or explore? 

Well, you’re in luck. 

 Any direction you go, north, south, west, or east, offers unique and unforgettable array of vistas, topography. Rather than try to describe the incredible diversity of landscapes and history, I will let my photographs give you a taste of what I am referring to. 

Popular New Mexico Destinations

Jemez Mountain rocks northern new mexico tours


Taos lakes NM

Santa Cruz Lake

explore New Mexico rock

Echo Amphitheater

East NM Pecos National Historic Site

Pecos Natl Historic Site

I am Nat Shipman, a lifelong resident of Santa Fe.  This amazing area has been my backyard, playground, and classroom all my life.  I have extensive knowledge of the amazing history, and fascinating cultural mosaic, I have dissected Northern New Mexico exploring all the funky back roads discovering amazing hidden places. I would be honored to help create a tour whether your interest be history, cultures, archeology, geology, photography, or outdoor adventures like hiking or biking.